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Elavon Integration For VirtueMart

We recently had a non profit that needed to integrate the virtuemart store for joomla with their elavon merchant account. I wrote this quick script to allow that interface to take place.

Installation Instructions

Download the zip file located here: Elavon.zip.

Unzip the files. Load the two files to the administrator >> components >> com_virtuemart >> classes >> payment directory.

Log into Joomla, and choose Components, Virtue Mart from the administrator's menu.

Click on the List Payment Methods button.

Click New at the top. Fill out all applicable items. The important ones are code, which must be EL, and payment class name, which must be ps_elavon. For payment method type, select "Use Payment Processor".

Save this, then select your new method again. This time, click the configuration tab. Enter in your pin, merchant id and user id as provided by Elavon.

That's it. You should now be processing with your elavon account

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